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    Colleran O'Hara and Mills Move

    Last updated 18 hours ago

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    Should You Consider Relocating for Your Job?

    Last updated 5 days ago

    A job relocation offer can present you with a fantastic career opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else. But before you call commercial movers to begin the process of relocation, there are a number of things you should consider. Read through these considerations to be sure that the job relocation is a good move for you.  

    Consider Your Family and Friends

    While relocating to a new city for a new job may be a fantastic opportunity for you, it could be very difficult for your family. Uprooting your spouse from his or her job, and your kids from their school is not something to take lightly. If you have lots of close family and friends in your current city, leaving them behind may end up being a big regret later on.

    Think About Your Work and Living History

    If you are a long-term employee and resident, uprooting may be more difficult than you anticipate. If instead you have only a few years of work experience and you were offered a desirable job elsewhere, relocating could be one of the best decisions you make in your career. This is especially true if the city to which to will be relocating is known for offering lots of opportunities in your particular field.

    Look at the New Job and Relocation Conditions Closely

    Is your employer offering to pay for your relocation? If they aren’t, consider asking whether they would help with the expenses. Calculate how the salary they are offering would affect your standard of living in the new city. Remember, relocate because you want to, not because you feel you should. Otherwise, you risk being unhappy in your new job, and your employer is likely to notice.

    If you are moving for a new job or planning an office relocation, contact U.M.C. Moving Company of Brooklyn. We have decades of experience with corporate moving services in the greater NYC area. Call us at (718) 473-9650 or head to our website for more information.

    Getting to Know Your Corporate Relocation Options

    Last updated 12 days ago

    Corporate relocation can be incredibly overwhelming. But if you find the right corporate moving company, the process can be surprisingly painless. At U.M.C. Moving Company, we offer corporate moving services ranging from office relocation to industrial and plant relocations. We provide packing, unpacking, and furniture installation and reconfiguration services too. If you have computers, we can disconnect, pack, and relocate them for you as well. U.M.C. Moving Company is known for its thorough storage and record retention services. Our storage facilities are climate controlled, and we barcode our inventory to keep it well organized. We have handled a number of large-scale corporate relocation projects in the New York City area, including a 1,500-person internal restack for Zurich Insurance.

    If you have a corporate relocation project coming up, call U.M.C. Moving Company at (718) 473-9650. Based in Brooklyn, our commercial movers can help you with any small- or large-scale project you have in the greater NYC area. Visit our website to see what our corporate moving company can offer you.  

    Packing Tips for Your Upcoming Move

    Last updated 18 days ago

    Packing for an upcoming move can be very stressful and time consuming, which is why many people prefer to go with a professional moving company. But you can save money by packing your own belongings. First, get boxes, packing materials, and other moving supplies from your local moving company. Label each box on at least two sides with a summary of the contents and the room it belongs in. Watch the video clip for more tips for your next move.

    If you don’t have the time to pack, load, unload, and unpack for your next move, contact U.M.C. Moving Company of New York City. We are a full service moving and storage company offering meticulous record retention services, office relocation, and more. Call us at (718) 473-9650 if you have any questions, and head over to our website to see a full list of the moving services we offer.

    U.M.C. Moving

    Last updated 27 days ago

    When, Donald Luneburg, the CEO of FDR Commercial Laundry Services, had
    to relocate his 7000 square foot home from Oyster Bay Cove to Woodbury,
    he chose UMC Moving Company. Although UMC does not market its ability to
    perform residential moving, the Luneburgs had done some extensive
    research and felt that the reputation and client list of UMC Moving
    validated their use. In the midst of one of the snow storms that hit the
    Northeast this year, UMC deployed a crew of 2 Vans and 8 Men to pack and
    move the contents of the Luneburg Estate. The move consisted of artwork,
    custom furniture and an endless amount of breakables and antiques. Upon
    delivery, the UMC crew unpacked and placed all items in order with no
    damage to the new premises or the contents of the move. The result is
    another ringing endorsement for UMC.

    If you value your belongings, think of UMC when moving your home. We
    specialize in large, high end residential moving where packing and
    crating is necessary.

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